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Postpartum Recovery Class

3 class series

  • 1 h
  • 208 Pioneer St Ridgefield, WA

Service Description

Your core takes a big hit during pregnancy and delivery. From weakness to altered digestion and everything in between, the effects of pregnancy can be long lasting if not properly addressed. In fact, as a Pelvic Physical Therapist, a big portion of my job is working with patients to address and correct these problems. This gives me a unique advantage in teaching postpartum strengthening from a prevention perspective. This class series offers a holistic and safe progression from the postpartum condition to normal daily activity and fitness routines. It also addresses body mechanics and simple health habits to minimize stress on pelvic structures. Series of 3 hour long classes focused on core recovery and good habits. Week 1 - Discuss the effects of pregnancy and the postpartum state, learn about deep core muscles and how to correctly engage the muscles, begin core strengthening Week 2 - Learn about common postpartum conditions that can be prevented with good core habits, learn importance of proper posture, progress core strengthening and pelvic stabilization Week 3 - Progress to upright and functional strengthening, learn proper alignment and body mechanics to protect joints and pelvic structures as you return to daily activity and more advanced forms of exercise You will receive in-person instruction from an experienced practitioner to ensure proper technique and answer questions. Pricing: $100 for series of 3 classes Contact to schedule: Meghan 425-241-0172 Class times: Fridays at 10:30 and 11:30 See calendar, Series Class 1 starts 1st Friday of each month

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